COM Week 2017

As the lead of the School of Communication Promotion and Development team (SoC PD) for the 2016-2017 school year, I was tasked with building COM Week 2017 from top to bottom with my team of eight interns. Unlike my time as an intern myself planning COM Week 2016, this time I was in charge of making … More COM Week 2017

Jerry Springer

One of my most memorable moments as lead of the SoC PD my senior year was the ability to host Jerry Springer. No, he did not discuss his reality life, but rather his views on politics and the climate of the United States just weeks after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. In total, after … More Jerry Springer

Marv Dyson

My senior year at Illinois State I was promoted to lead of the SoC PD where I then was in charge of my own team of eight interns. One of the events we coordinated that year was bringing Marv Dyson, founder of Chicago’s WGCI radio, back to campus. The team and I worked to put this … More Marv Dyson

COM Week 2016

My junior year at Illinois State, I served as an intern on the School of Communication Promotion and Development Team. As part of a team of nine, we were in charge of organizing, promoting and holding all official School of Communication events. Included in these events is COM Week, an annual experience where we focus … More COM Week 2016